Welcome to 51. Helsinki O-Games

By Markku Sormunen 2018-01-26

HOG is one of the most remarkable early summer orienteering event in Finland. The demanding courses in good terrain, experienced organisation and about 1000 runners guarantee its popularity year after year. HOG is a two day competition. Saturday program is a middle distance race and on Sunday a long distance race. Open orienteering is available in both days, too. The terrain and the controls are the same as in HOG. You can select among several different courses.

Terrain description Physically average Southern Finland, technically slightly more difficult than average. Moderate hilly, good runability but the lack of paths and trails means more challenging orienteering than normal.

51. Helsinki O-Games will be arranged one week before the Lahti-Hollola Jukola 2018 and offers a good opportunity for preparing for the big event. Jukola-relay will be held in the towns of Lahti and Hollola only about 100 km from Helsinki. During the week before and after HOG you have a possibility for training in open orienteering events. You will find them every evening in the surroundings of Helsinki. Maybe you knew that at this time of the summer evenings in Finland are bright very late.

Holiday activities, nature,hiking etc.  Helsinki is the capital of Finland and offers numerous opportunites for holiday. Near the event centre there is Nuuksio National Park, with some great hiking trails.

Last year’s competition instructions under preparation