Welcome to 50. Helsinki O-Games

The new name of Suunto Games is now Helsinki Orienteering Games (HOG).  50. Helsinki O-Games will be arranged, as usually, in June one week before the Jukola Relay, offering thus a good opportunity for preparing for the big event on the next week.

HOG17 is a two-day competition with individual start mode. The adult classes have a middle distance race on Saturday and a long distance race on Sunday. Children will be running a long distance on both days.

Open orienteering is available on both days, too. The terrain and all controls are just the same used in Suunto Games. You can select among several different courses.

During the week after Helsinki O-Games you have possibility for training in several open orienteering events from Monday to Thursday evening in the vicinity (within 50 km) of Helsinki. Perhaps you might remember that at during the early summer evenings are bright for a long time in Finland.