Preliminary competition invitation: Helsinki O-Games

National orienteering competition and a spectator race alongside the orienteering World Cup 1st round

Tervalampi, Vihti 8.-9.6.2019

Terrain description

Primarily the terrain is very runnable, densely forested with fast bare rock patches. The terrain ranges from the detailed rocky surfaces, to the spruce dominated fast paced forest with even some significant elevation gradients. There are some gullies and spurs with reduced manoeuvrability. The change in elevation is 50 meters (max.). The terrain resembles the upcoming Jukola 2019 terrain. The last competition in this area was held in 2014 and this year there are areas which have never been used before in a competition.


Men: H21E, H21A, H21AL (short), H35–H90, H20, H18, H16, H15, H14, H13, H12, H12TR, H10RR, H9RR (string courses).

Women: D21E, D21A, D21AL, D35–D85, D20, D18, D16, D15, D14, D13, D12, D12TR, D10RR, D9RR

The organizer reserves a right to split some classes into two. E.g. H21A1 and H21A2.


On Saturday, the adult courses from the classes H/D15 on follow a middle distance course structure and on Sunday a long distance. From the age of 50 and above the estimated winning time on Saturday is 30-35 minutes. For children below the classes H/D15, both days will follow a long distance course structure.

The elite classes of H21E and D21E will be organized with the permission from FOF (Finnish Orienteering Federation).

For the H21E, 30 competitors will be chosen and for the D21E, 25 according to the FOF online ranking. Among these a maximum of 15 to the H21E and 10 to the D21E foreign athletes are chosen. The foreign athletes must have the same level of skill and talent with the Finnish elite participants. In addition, the organizers may choose an addition of 3 participants to both categories (6 in total). Everyone else who have entered to the elite classes and will not be chosen, are automatically transferred to the H/D21A-classes.

Entry through IRMA

Registration should be done latest by midnight on Sunday 2nd of June 2019. Any delayed entries will be treated as late entries (see below). Foreign orienteers can also use the email markku.sormunen @

Entry fees (for both days)

H/D21E – 45€

H/D21A, AL, H/D15-20, H/D35-90 – 40€

Ages 14 and below – 24 €

Entry fees are to be paid together with registration to the competition. The entry for one day is half of the total fee mentioned above. Account number: Helsingin Suunnistajat ry, Nordea FI05 1243 3000 1989 69. SWIFT/BIC: NDEAFIHH.

Late entries

Any delayed entries should be informed by midnight on the 5th of June, through IRMA or email to The entry fee for post-entries is 1.5 times more than mentioned above.

Open class orienteering

  • Starts: Saturday (8th June), 11am-1pm. Finish closing at 3.30pm. Sunday (9th June), 10am-12pm. Finish closing at 2.30pm.
  • Entries: Pre-entry by midnight on the 7th of June  (html-site will be added later) or at the competition centre on the day. Pre-entered fees are 12€ and 6€ for under 19 year olds. Entry on the day fees are 15€/8€ respectively. Hiring an EMIT-card is 4€. Payment methods: cash. No credit/debit cards!
  • Courses: Both days will have different courses with five different options. The more difficult courses (Jukola-standard) include 4, 6 and 8km and the easy ones are 3 and 5km. The scale is 1:7500, apart from 6 and 8km, which have a 1:10 000 scale.

Arriving to the competition centre

Address: Tervalammentie 494, Vihti. Coordinates: 60,330310, 24,422096. Signposting will be set up on Saturday by 8am. For the moment being, the parking fee will be 5e per car per day. We recommend sharing cars as this will be cheaper per person. The distance from parking to the competition centre is between 500m and 1km.


The first start on Saturday is scheduled at 12pm and on Sunday at 10am.

Distances to the start

The maximum distance to all starts on both days will be 1.5km.


The maps are enclosed in a plastic bag. For age classes 50 and above the scale is 1:7500 and for everyone else, it is 1:10 000 on both days. The area has been mapped and revisited in 2019.

Punching system –EMIT

Hiring an EMIT-card is 4€ per day. If there is no EMIT-number found during registration, we will assign a hire EMIT.

Competition centre

The competition centre is located at the Tervalampi rehabilitation centre grounds and fields. At the competition site, there is a cafeteria, a sausage grill (come with cash) and a child care point (please inform about under one year old infants in advance). There will be no showers on site.

Start list

The start list will be published on the Helsinki O-Games website ( on the 6th of June 2019.


The prizes are given according to the combined results from Saturday and Sunday. For H/D 9RR and H/D 10RR, everyone will be given a prize.

The club with the highest participation number, Helsingin Suunnistajat will donate a weekend lodge accommodation at Vierumäki during the winter season of 2019-2020. The participation number will be counted from the total number of athletes who have entered for the competitive classes.

Organizing committee

Chairman: Pekka Väisänen

Course Planners: Mikko Laakso (Saturday) and Janne Heikkinen (Sunday). Head of planning: Hannu Lammi

Results: Timo Kokko, Tmi Kokkens

Controller: Ville Koponen, Lynx

Information secretary: Markku Sormunen, phone -358 45 2148 115.

Website: Markku Sormunen

We warmly welcome you to the 52nd Helsinki O-Games!