The final competition information can be found at the competition centre info board.


The competition follows the rules set out by the Finnish orienteering federation (SSL), the rules outlined in this competition information and any additional rules set out by the organizers. Everyone takes part at their own responsibility.


The terrain description can be found at the course setters statement.


Print map, contour line 5 meters. The map is in a plastic cover. Both days will use a different map. The scale is 1:10 000 apart from HD50-90 and HD10-12 classes, which will use a scale of 1:7 500. The maps has been completely renewed and revisited in May 2019. There will be old maps of the area at the competition centre info board. Old maps can also be found at the 2014 Suunto Games.

Classes, starts and distances

All information can be found here

Taped routes to the starts

The taped routes to all start will begin at the information pole. You may NOT use any other route! Each start uses a distinctive colour tape to the start, so be sure to follow your colour. These colours can also be found on the information pole.

Distances to the start (Saturday)

  • L1: 1800m
  • L2: 1300m
  • L3 (Children): 1200m
  • L4 (Open Courses): 1200m road

Routes to the start follow paths and roads. Starts 1-4 are all in in the same direction and all will pass the childrens start.


Distances to start (Sunday)

  • L1 – 850m
  • L2 – 1500m
  • L3 (children) – 1300m
  • L4 (Open courses) – 1300m

Routes to the start follow mainly paths and roads. L2 is to the opposite direction than the others. L1 is on the way to starts 3&4.


Start lists

Start lists can be found at the competition centre and at each start as well as on the event web pages:

The first start on Saturday is at 12pm and on Sunday 10am


Start procedures

There will be a start list at each start containing the names, EMIT numbers and starting times of each competitor. Please be aware that the competition numbers are located in the competition centre near the information pole and information tent.

EMIT back up cards and control descriptions are found before the call up line. Control descriptions are not printed on the map!

There are no toilets near the starts. Use the toilets located near the competition centre.

Late starters should inform themselves to the responsible person at the start.


Starts 1 & 2 (adults from ages 15)


  • 4 minutes: confirmation of the competition number
  • 3 minutes: clearing the EMIT card
  • 2 minutes: a map of the competion area can be seen
  • 1 minute: competitor proceeds to the correct bucket with maps
  • Start: copetitor takes one map and begins his/her race. It is the competitors responsibility to take the correct map. There is a taped route to the K-point.

Start 3 – Children (Ages 9-14)


  • Come with good time to spare to the start. You will get your control descriptions and a back up card for EMIT. There are no control descriptions at the start.
  • 4 mintues: You will be called by name to the starting line, where your EMIT will be checked.
  • 3 minutes: Clearing the EMIT
  • 2 minutes: Children on the string courses (RR), will get the competition map and some additional information from the officials. Others will get to look at a map of the comeptition area where the K-point is marked as well as the taped route of the 12TR classes.
  • 1 minute: All competitors will recieve their map from the correct box.
  • Start: Begin your race

The string course (RR) is marked in the forest with white, continous, plastic string and the controls will have RR-sign (e.g. the first control is marked as RR1, 2nd RR2, 3rd, RR3…)

There will be a 10 minute penalty from each missed control in the string courses.


Dressing, showers and toilets

The competition centre is on the grounds of the manor. Be kind and avoid any plantations and follow any out of bounds marked by the officials. Toilets are found 100 meters away from the competition centre.

There will be no showers.


EMIT checking unit

There is an EMIT checking unit located near the information pole. Please check the functioning of your EMIT card here prior to start. There is a model unit for string courses (RR).


Competition numbers

Numbers are located near the info tent.

Everyone uses numbers, which should be attached bby pins. Compeitors need to provide their own pins. The numbers are not collected at the finish.

Elite calsses (H/D21E) use yellow numbers, others will have white. The competition number should no tbe covered even slightly.


Control descriptions

Loose controls descriptions at the start are covereless with no attachment possibilities. Control descripitions are not printed on the map.


Out of bounds
Out of bounds areas follow the ones outlined by the general orienteering rules. One should not deviate from the taped route to the start. On Sunday there is a mandatory bridge cossing after the 2nd last control. Please take care and be cautious when crossing. There are some out of bounds areas in the forest, with some taped.


First aid and water points

There is first aid at the competition centre.

On Sunday there are water points on the longer courses.



Saturday finish

The start is located away from the competition centre. The time will stop when the competitor punches at the finish marked on the map. From there, there will be a 500 meter taped route to the competition centre and to the download. Follow this route! Any competitors who did not finish their course should report at the download.

Guardians of children may move between the finish and the competiton centre along the taped route.

There is a water point at the download.

Sunday finish:

The finish is at the competition centre. There are several EMIT units at the finishing line and the download is straight after the finishing line. Any competitors who did not finish their course should report at the download.

There is a water point near the finish.

Maps will not be collecetd on either day. Showing the map and course, or describing the course to any competitor not started is forbidden according to IOF rule 3.75.


Closing of start and finish

All starts will close 15 minutes after the last competitor has started.

The finish will close at 4.30pm on Saturday and on 15.30 on Sunday. At these times the competition is officially finished.


Not finishing

Any competitors who did not finish their course should report at the download. This is important as we will be able to varify that all orienteers have gotten back from the forest.



Prizes are given according to combined results of both days.

The number of copmetitors recieving a prize are shown on a list, which is displayed on the information board and on Friday on the HOG-webpages.

The presentees for elite classes and ages 14,13, 12, and all string courses (TR, 10RR, 9RR) are announced at the competition centre. Other classes can collect their prizes at the allocated prize tent once the class has been marked finished on the results board.

Prizes will not be sent personally to the competitors.


Other information

  • Information point: Here, one can sort any misunderstandings with their registration/payment/EMIT card/any other competition related situtions. EMIT cards can be hired here (4€/day). A charge of 70€ will be taken from un-returned EMIT cards.
  • Punching: The competitor is responsible that the EMIT number matches the one on the starting list. You can check the functioning of the card near the information pole. EMIT cards with screens may not display the correct control number. Officials are not responsible for checking the EMIT number and its functioning. Unfunctional EMIT will lead to disqualification apart from ages 14 and below (IOF rule 11.518).
  • Spikes: Spikes are not allowed
  • Results: Results are displayed on result boards during the race. If the connection allows, one may follow the race online here. Final results will be displayed here on the evening of the competition.
  • Open orienteering: Separate information for open orienteering can be found here
  • Child care: All children using this facility should inform the officials by 7th of June.
  • Cafeteria: Coffee, tee, juice, soda, sandwitches, sausages and buns are served in the cafe.
  • Parking and traffic: Parking is located on the fields 500 meters from the competition centre. Parking fee is 5€/car/day. You can purchase the ticket at the information tent. VIP and media personel shoudl follow these parking instructions.
  • Club tents: It is not permitted to have club tents in the competition centre.
  • Safety and cleanliness: Smoking and making of fire is stricktly forbidden! All rubbish should be taken to the bins. Distribution of pamflets in the competition centre or on cars is not allowed without permission.
  • Camping: Camping at the competition centre is not allowed. Nearest camping grounds are at Oittaa and Rastila.
  • Lost and found: These will be collected to the info tent. After the competition you may ask these from Pekka Väisänen (see below)



Ville Koponen, Lynx



Markku Sormunen




Mika Kulmala (chair)

Anu Pikkarinen

Tiina Leskinen



Helsingin Suunnistajat

Pekka Väisänen

Event leader